AFFECTEN is a design studio and an art production, and also talent agency focusing on discovering extraordinary foreign artists in various fields of endeavor such as fine arts, design and branding, fashion, architect and interior design, performance, television, film, theater, modeling, and so on.

We selectively represent artists in obtaining the required nonimmigrant O-1 visa to work in the United States by serving as the “Agency Petitioner” on behalf of the artist.
It is important to note that AFFECTEN is not in the business of procuring employment and will serve as the agency for the artist throughout the duration of O-1 authorized period upon approval. It is also important to note that an artist must qualify for the O-1 visa by providing full evidence of extraordinary ability in the arts. During the visa preparation process, AFFECTEN will work closely with the artist’s legal counsel to make sure the immigration process is successful. However, the O-1 visa is one of the most prestigious nonimmigrant visas available, and AFFECTEN does not guarantee the results.
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