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Affect the world emotionally with The exceptional design and media art
We are unique who offer all design services with a surprising artwork for your brand, space, event.
AFFECTEN is a one-stop studio you can trust in quality of design services. We support your design part fully and solve all design issues in logical and artistic ways. Additionally we create a masterpiece of media artwork that uses current technology as an art. That means you have a unique opportunity to use our media artwork for your space and event to present your brand in a remarkable way.

'Loves Me' - Part of the media art performance 'Rain Of Joy' by Han Lee

Our designs and media artworks affect the people around the world emotionally.
Here are our ten 10 featured services as of today:
Brand Design . Interactive design . Graphic Design . Motion Graphics . Web/Mobile Design . Photography . Video Production . New Media Art . Experience design . Creative directing

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Filming for LG V30 commercial advertisement project


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