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/əˈfektn 어펙튼/
Our designs and media artworks affect the people around the world emotionally.
We are unique who offer all design services with a surprising artwork for your COMPANY, brand, space, and event.

Here are our ten 10 featured services as of today:
Brand Design - Logo design, Symbol design, Color scheme, Typeface, Practical usages...
Interactive design - Kiosk design, Touchable content design...
Graphic Design - Poster, Brochure, Booklet, Postcard, Invitation, Business card, Menu, Physical/digital signage... 
Motion Graphics - Intro video, Teaser, Title sequence, Tutorial videos, Educational videos...
Web/Mobile Design - Responsive web design

Photography - Event, Commercial ads, Product pictures, Fashion, Food, Store, Profile photos, Wedding...
Video Production - Event, Commercial ads, Product ads, Interview, Fashion, Food, Music video, Wedding, Teasing...
New Media Art - Interactive/non-interactive artwork, Light art, Graphical art on display, Performance...
Experience design - Exhibition design, Immersive special event, Stage design...
Creative directing​​​​​​​

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'Loves Me' - Part of the media art performance 'Rain Of Joy' by Han Lee

Affect the world emotionally with The exceptional design and media art​​​​​​​
AFFECTEN is a one-stop studio you can trust in quality of design services. We support your design part fully and solve all design issues in logical and artistic ways. Additionally we create a masterpiece of media artwork that uses current technology as an art. That means you have a unique opportunity to use our media artwork for your space and event to present your brand in a remarkable way.

Filming for LG V30 commercial advertisement project


Design + Media art studio

디자인 + 미디어아트 스튜디오​​​​​​​
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