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New Media Art
The Breeze at Pudong Airport Proposal
Art Installation Proposal
Stage Design & Performance
Stage design has been done with interactive art and motion graphics. And live VJ show has performed.
LamX for SK Telecom '0'
LamX, interactive light installation with 100 light bulbs that react to visitor's motion. And also it performs two light shows.
EJ Park Album
Everyday Worship Logo
Logo Design
Plein Sol - Photography
Fashion Photography
HIDA Menu Food Photography
Food Photography
LamX HIDA Edition
Artwork Installation
LamX for Commercial Ad
Ad Filming
Brand Design, Interior Design
YIN 烎 Music & Art Festival
Stage Design, Performance
FCPX Book Cover
Book Cover Design
Rain Of Joy : Title & Poster
Logo Design, Poster Design
LamX #7
LamX #6
S.Dental Booklet
LamX Playce Edition (2016)
Interactive Installation artwork with physical lightbulbs, digital waves. It interacts to your motion. Also there is a light show two times a day.
The Breeze
The Breeze (Music)
SimplyBuilt by Sigient
Copyright and owned by Sigient. SimplyBuilt is a website builder.
TWC SportsNet
This is a work when I was at Sigient (Formerly Push). Delivered Designs only to TWC SportsNet team.
iORGEL : app for iPad/iPhone
This is own product and service of allm Interactive where I worked before and I designed with much love. I really love a music box (gears, mechanism, sounds, all of the music box) so I started to develop my idea for this music box. I just wanted to create the unique app never shown before in the app store.
Nintendo Wario Land
Nintendo Wario Land : Shake It!
Advance Wars
Promotional site for Nintendo DS game, Advance Wars : Days Of Ruin.
Nintendo MarioKart Wii
Nintendo MarioKart Wii microsite
Rain of Joy - Media art exhibition
Han Lee is a media artist, an interactive designer, and also a music composer, a performer, a motion graphic designer and a creative director. He creates mechanical structures with programmed electronic circuits using physical computing or generative art. He believes nothing in this world is immobile but constantly moving. He tries to imitate God’s amazing creation by making his artworks come alive and interact with you. His work is often composed of rain sounds and visual effects or he uses analog emotions to fill a space. His overall goal is for the audience to interact and carry a dialogue with his work. And this points to one thing, “immersion. ” Rain to him symbolizes the power of life that comes alive by its movement. Rain makes you take a break and helps you to look around. It also brings back the memories of happy moments. He often fills a room with the rain and calls it a “Rain Room." In the Rain Room, you can find a delightful playground. There is no rule to play in the room. You can shout, clap, jump, past through like a wind, and dance. Whatever you do, the Rain Room will listen to you and watch you with delight. Rain of Joy will be a playground and tears of joy to the audience.
Wooden Pixel Display 64 - WPD64
[ Analog x Digital ] Analog wooden blocks (1.5"x1.5"x3" each) as digital pixels. 64 wood pixels in 8x8 make a form. One pixel might make you bored but it gives you something interesting when pixels make a form together. This WPD64 has been presented at a generative art show in NYC recently. - Invented by Han Lee - Music 'Pixels' by Han Lee :
This is another fun project to connect to each other, physical world and digital world. It's been a little long time ago since I've tested out this personal project, enjoyed it with my kids and took above video before I install it on a street for a public interactive art. Basically it was very calm light ripples visually. As a light fills the room by interacting with you, you can see the ripple from the light also fills the room. After the basic test, I developed it by adding the fun lightning effect for my children as another version, especially for my son who loves Star Wars stuff. And now it looks very powerful like super hero movie (or maybe Nikola Tesla movie?). I'm sure you never stop playing with this interactive electricity thing.
C:Sound is an experimental collaboration work with a cellist Seunghan Sung and an interactive artist Han Lee, which had been performed during World Script Symposia 2014 at Sejong Center in Seoul. Audience enjoyed experiencing several things together such as music, physical computing, synchronized visuals with the music and latin scripts fly across them. Cello Performed by Seunghan Sung - Physical Computing and Interactive Art by Han Lee - Guest Cellists_ MenCelli
Xound Ripples
Visually generated sound makes you dive into the sound and you can 'see' where the sound starts. The visual ripple fills the air during the sound fills the air. The performance starts with a rain sound effect and generated ripple effect in live. It feels very soothing. After few minutes with prologue, music 'Loves Me' starts which I composed, played and recorded except for piano track. If you listen to the music carefully, some of you may realize why the music is called 'Loves Me'.
Korean Air : mobile app proposal
Korean Air : mobile app proposal
Scholastic Bugs! app
Personal project. There are two final work. One is a print on canvas. Another one is interactive installation. Camera reads every pixel of you and re-assemble it to create new object which is called Yarnship.
Interactive Board : Prototypes & Kids
It is personal project and it's a kind of interactive message board which can display anything and be playable because of using Miscrosoft Kinect.
Digital Redrawing
Digitally redrawn with Processing
By Day and By Night : UX Test
UX Test for book app
Tweetment Video
Tweetment Trailer
Kontain Promo Video
promo video
Wacom Bamboo widget casestudy video
Casestudy Video
Kontain Splash Videos
Kontain is their own service of my past company
We Are In The City
Samsung PL150
Samsung PL150
Sound Visualization
Media Art
Nintendo WiiFit Casestudy Video
Casestudy Video
Porsche microsite casestudy Video
Casestudy Video
Samsung SmartTV 2010 : Microsite
Samsung SmartTV 2010 Microsite
Samsung Mobile Experience
Samsung Mobile Experience
Samsung SGH-t509 Microsite
Samsung SGH-t509 Microsite
Official site for Movie 'Inhyungsa'
Crying Fist
Movie 'Crying Fist' - Official site
Hyundai Accent Microsite
Hyundai Accent Microsite
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