What AFFECTEN does to the world

Have the Top-notch design supports as a part of your team.

We do visual design services for physical and digital elements that are almost all design elements you can imagine. We also create new media artwork. It's really effective and artistic way to present your physical space or event. It could interact with visitors so no one can skip what you want to present to them.

We create and define your brand identity that help your brand to speak the same marketing language all the time

Brand design guideline including logo design . color scheme . typeface design . practical usages . etc
We Create digital materials that make your brand, company, event stand out and work well on the most current devices

Interactive design . web design . app design . photography . video shooting/production . online advertisement . UI/UX design . social marketing materials . tutorial videos . motion graphics . etc

We create physical outputs that work well especially in your local area

Business card . brochure . booklet . poster . banner . postcard . coupon . billboard advertisement . menu . setting paper . signage . interial design . etc

We also create a media artwork that boostS your brand and shineS your space, event in artistic way

Interactive artwork . visual artwork . new media art performance . permanent or temporary installation . exhibition . selling or renting out . etc

We love to share our thoughts and skills about design and media art

Workshop . lecture . conference . contribution . etc


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