Feb 16, 2013

Fun time with my kids!
They, I mean all kids are always amazing! They make all things fun.

It is a personal project and it's actually a kind of interactive message board which could display anything like news, scores, clock and can be playable because of using Miscrosoft Kinect. I used Processing at the beginning but it's a bit slow so I moved on openFrameworks and now it's better.

This video is about some prototypes of this project as you can see and also about my kids who love to play with it. Everytime I showed them a prototype they played in so many ways and most of them I coudn't expect. I respect all kids in the world.

By the way, there are many prototypes I didn't include in this video and it's still in progress. There are still many things I need to tweak. Sooner or later I'm planning to test out another prototype of it at somewhere in New York city.


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