Print on Canvas, 36"x14" 
"He, the machine watches you and your world in real time. He disassembles your portrait to create new object with its elements, which is called Yarnship. It is organic spaceship he re-creates with some elements from your world."
This is a personal project for an exhibition in NYC, which is created in openFrameworks. I tried to get sci-fi and cartoon-like look. To get nice color variations and shapes, there is a camera and my humble codes read colors on every pixel of you through the camera in real time. I captured it at some point and printed it out on 36"x14" canvas.
Make some great art with simple two knobs and one camera. 
Creating art with code is not easy work to normal people. But I believe that creating art with simple knobs is the most easy work to them.
This control box installs below a monitor and allows visitors to change a visual of Yarnship in real time so that they can experience variations of generative art. Left knob allows them to change a distance between them and the ship. Right knob gives an ability to them to change a length of the ship. Camera is at the middle of two knobs and it is 45 degree facing up to visitors' face.
Han Lee, 2013
Interactive Installation & Print on Canvas
openFrameworks + arduino
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